About Spot Check

Spot Check provides Food Allergy Safe Certification and training to front and back of the house personnel who provide food services to the general population. With busy schedules, ease of vacation mobility and daily long commutes more and more families are eating foods prepared outside the home.

This practice greatly increases the opportunity for individuals with food allergies, food intolerances and food sensitivities to accidently encounter more of their offending foods in establishments.

Statistics indicate that over 30,000 individuals visit emergency rooms each year for food allergy reactions alone and that over 200 of these people will die as a result of their reaction. An additional 90,000+ will visit local clinics or private physicians.

While there are several resources for consumers to educate themselves, the owners of Spot Check who are food allergy and food sensitivity sufferers themselves, and industry entrepreneurs searched far and wide for an existing training program to meet their needs in training staff and found none. They recognized the existence of a large training gap for food industry personnel and the need for a comprehensive training program for the proper and safe handling of foods for special needs guests.

As a result they created the Allergy Safe Certification training, a program to cover all types of food service providers; Restaurants, quick service, elementary and secondary school cafeterias, daycares, bakeries, nursing homes, grocery store delicatessens, & other public and private food establishments as prescribed and recommended by Public Law 108-282 better known as the "Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004."

As an industry we can only do our part to prevent or greatly reduce incidents of food related reactions through education and enlightened food handling. We must establish protocols, processes and procedures within our facilities that will protect our guests. We must become a part of the solution, not the problem.

Experts confirm that food allergy, food intolerances and food sensitivity cases are rapidly increasing. Our industry is seeing increased lawsuits, insurance claims and public complaints. Our liability becomes greater as law makers, courts and the public demand we educate our staff and implement protocols, policies and procedures to safeguard our guests.

Spot Check believes the Food Allergy Safe Certification will assist you in establishing a new standard of excellence in providing quality service to your guests and may diminish if not limit your liability exposure with your ability to prove you have done all the right things to protect the health and well being of your guests and your business.

As food service entrepreneurs ourselves we at Spot Check are not insensitive to the economic plight of our industry, this is why we encourage our clients take advantage of our “train the trainer” option. While we are pleased to train each employee if that is the desire of the client, we are equally pleased to help them train their own staff.

Once a staff member has been trained they then go on line to our test site and take their certification exam, the exam is graded immediately upon completion. After successfully passing the exam a certification card that is good for three years bearing the name of the individual is sent to the employee. The cost of the exam is $50.00 and can be borne in part or in full by the employer or employee. Since the certification is like a Food Handlers Card or Alcohol Servers Permit and are the property of the employee many organizations are considering charging back the fee to the employee over a few payroll checks.

Our 95 page full color manual includes a Food Allergy Safe Trainers Guide and costs only $25.00. The manual is printed on heavy stock and is designed to be used over and over again. Individuals desiring to purchase one for their personal libraries can do so, from our web site. We also offer for purchase on our website “Big 8 Allergen” poster sets as well as Staff Responsibilities poster sets that are durable and can be used in the work place and as training aids.

This full day training is a compliment to industry staples; ServSafe, State issued Food Handler Permits and Liquor licenses, and The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. Spot Check is a member of the Washington Restaurant Association.