Save Me Money!

One of Spot Check’s primary objectives is to provide this critical training to the food service industry. As food service entrepreneurs ourselves we are not insensitive to the economic plight of our industry. To ease your burden Spot Check offers a number of options that save you money.

TRAIN THE TRAINER- Spot Check will train your key personnel and they in turn, can train your existing and future employees. Our 95 page full color manual includes a Food Allergy Safe Trainers Guide. The manual is printed on heavy paper stock and is designed to be used over and over again. Employees desiring a manual for their personal libraries can purchase one on our web site. Our poster sets are durable and designed to function as training and work place reinforcement aids.

Once you have trained an employee they simply log on to our web site and complete the certification exam. The exam costs $50.00 that is paid at the time of the exam. Employers may choose to pay all, part or none of the exam fee. Most employers agree to debit the employee’s portion of the exam fee over a period of a few paychecks. Once the employee passes the certification exam, each employee receives a certification card in their name that is renewable in three years.

DISCOUNTS- A $25.00 discount is provided for each Spot Check trained class attendee when one or more of the following conditions are met by your organization.

  1. You are a member of your state Restaurant Association.
  2. You are a client of Sysco Foods.
  3. You are Servsafe Certified.

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS- Spot Check will provide an additional $25.00 per Spot Check trained class attendee for single class sizes of 30 or more. For our more modest size clients, your class may have attendees you invite from other businesses.

VOLUME DISCOUNTS- Spot Check offers volume discounts for each Spot Check trained attendee for our large corporate clients.